Here are a couple of clips from when Ps. Willie George from Church on the Move was sharing at Celebration Church in 2014. Children are dealing with real life issues, and we need to equip them with real life , Biblical solutions, using different tactics than we would use with adults. They need us, they need Christ in us; it’s time to deliver.

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10 thoughts on “Importance of Children's Ministry – Ps. Willie George

  1. Wow..such a sad story from the man who played Gospel Bill! <:.'
    It's shows like his and many others like Quigley's Village, Gerbert and "secular" ones like The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible, that shaped me into the Bible believing man I am today! <:.)
    It's Christian cartoons and kids shows and their message of salvation and repentance that can lead our children back to God!

  2. It disgusts me that you think that impressionable young children need to 'learn to pray' when all it does is indoctrinate them into a potentially harmful and thought-smothering ideology. Also, doesn't it hurt your standpoint of a child's prayers aren't answered? What do you say to a child who prays for their abuse to stop or for a dead parent to come back from an accident?

  3. So wonderful to see and hear that you are still teaching child ren. I came to one of the conference. I was so amazed . I always felt the children we're negated in the church praise God I was able to teach in children ministries and plant seeds.

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