Children’s church – or children’s sermon, the time during the service in which children are invited to the front for their own brief lesson – can be difficult to plan. It is important to keep the message simple and easy to understand, and it always helps if you can give the children something to remember the lesson by. These children’s sermons on sharing will teach the kids – and maybe the rest of the congregation – an important lesson in a fun, memorable way.

My M&Ms!

This sermon starts out seeming a little bit mean, but it ends with a good lesson and a treat for everyone! For this children’s church lesson, you will need enough small packets of M&M candies for each child to have one. Start out the sermon with just one package and keep the rest hidden away. Open the package and tell the children how much you love M&Ms. Ask the children if they like them, too. Say you’ve always wondered if the colors taste different. Ask a few of the children what their favorite M&M color is and proceed to eat each of the colors, describing how delicious they all are.

Now the mean part of the lesson is over. Explain how it wasn’t very nice for you to have all of the M&Ms and not share them with everyone. Tell the children how God provides for us, so it’s important for us to share what we have with others. Then pass out the packages of M&Ms, and end with a short prayer on sharing.

Loaves and Fishes

Start this children’s sermon by asking the children if they have ever felt like they have nothing to share. Perhaps they aren’t as good at sports as their sister, or they can’t play the piano like their friend. They might feel like they want to share their gifts with the world, but maybe they don’t have anything that’s special enough.

Next, tell the parable of the loaves and fishes. Explain how a mother packed a small lunch for her son before he went to hear Jesus speak to a large crowd. When the boy heard Jesus telling the disciples that they didn’t have enough food to feed everyone, the boy offered his small lunch. Jesus was able to take the loaves and fishes and share it with everyone there!

Now you can relate the story back to the children’s lives. Tell them that even though their gifts might seem small and insignificant, if they share with an open heart Jesus will use their gifts for a huge purpose. By sharing their toys, or their computer, or even their time, they can have a big impact on someone’s life.

Conclude the sermon by passing out packages of goldfish crackers, reminding the children to share with their parents. End with a prayer, thanking God for everyone’s gifts and presence and asking Him to help them share with the world.

Source by Mary Kate Warner

Jeff Morgan