One of the main goals of children’s church is to relay the teachings of the Bible in a way that your students can understand-and will be interested by. But not all Bible lessons are particularly kid-friendly. Here are a few Sunday school lessons for you to use to spice up your youth ministry.

Who’s Without Sin Sunday School Activity

For this Bible lesson for kids, you’ll need about 25 pieces of notebook paper and pencils, crayons or markers. Provide each student with a blank piece of paper. Tell them to roll it up in a ball. Ask one of the older children to volunteer to pretend that they have been caught in the middle of committing an awful crime. Have the volunteer stand in the middle of the room, and then talk to your students. Tell them that when Jesus was alive, when people were caught red-handed, one of the punishments they may have had to endure was being stoned to death.”

Ask your Sunday school students if they with to “stone” the “criminal” standing in the middle of the room. There will most likely be a lot of positive responses. Tell the kids to throw their “stones”, but to be sure to throw gently and above the waist (but not in the face). Ask the class how they felt throwing their “stones.” Explain that their reactions are probably extremely like those in Jesus’ time.

Now hand out another sheet of paper as well as a pencil, crayon or marker. Have the children’s church students brainstorm a recent time when they were disobedient or sinned. Ask them to write down this sin on the piece of paper. Now ask your students to think about how many times they have sinned in the past week, and ask them to write down that number on the paper also. Now they are to ball up the paper and hold on to it.

The Point of This Bible Study Lesson

Ask your child’s Bible study class to get out their Bibles and look up and read John 8:3-11. Ask for another volunteer to ask as if he or she has just committed a crime. Ask the class again if they think that the “criminal” should be “stoned.” Remind them that in the story, Jesus states: “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone.” Demonstrate that since each one of the students have sinned and have written down that sin, they cannot throw a stone. The lesson of this Bible activity is to simply do your best not to sin and to be sure not to judge others who have sinned.

This is just one great Bible lesson for kids that’s sure to spark interest and participation.

Source by Mary Kate Warner

Jeff Morgan